Editorial: Milton to coach football team!

On Thursday I went to hear the Canberra Symphony Orchestra which is so prostate-tinglingly good these days that I believe its dynamic and classy director and conductor Nicholas Milton, who has flair and dynamism to burn, should be called in, quickly, to coach the Raiders and the Brumbies in his spare time.
Ian Warden, Canberra Times - Editorial, 14.05.2011

I can’t remember hearing a finer performance from the Canberra Symphony Orchestra than its rendition of Ottario Respighi’s The Pines of Rome, performed in a taut, energetic interpretation. ... a breathtaking pianissimo, consummately played, underpinned by a perfect carpet of string chords ... the string sound of the CSO is one of its strongest features, and the CSO strings had that velvety texture and breadth of resonance suggesting fabric woven from the matching techniques of individuals. Nicholas Milton stood like a military commander directing his troops as he created a marvellous surround-sound effect. ... In the Tchaikovsky and Rossini, the CSO breathed new life into these sometimes devilishly intricate pieces to add a celebratory gloss to the concert.
Jennifer Gall, Canberra Times, 07.05.2011

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